Subscription Program

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Individual Subscription - For single persons age 18 or older who are not covered as family dependents.  $50.00

Family Subscription - Covers all family members claimed as dependents for Federal Income Tax Purposes.  $70.00

Senior Subscription - For a household with either spouse over the age of 65 or on a fixed income. $45.00

Business Subscription - Covers all employee while working at your business.  $160.00

Our organization primarily relies on insurance company reimbursements for transporting patients to fund our day-to-day operations.  Almost all of our income is from billing for ambulance services, donations, fundraising, and our subscription drive.  We do receive some local support and grant money for special projects but it's not enough.  The financial support that we receive goes towards staffing, maintenance, equipment, and training.

What does an ambulance subscription cover?

Subscription coverage extends to emergency and certain types of pre-scheduled non-emergency ambulance service which is determined to be medically necessary by your insurance carrier.  Contact your insurance carrier for its policy on non-emergency ambulance transportation.  It is possible it contracts with another ambulance service or requires calling for an authorization number prior to any non-emergency transport.  We are authorized to transport Unison and most Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans including, but not limited to, Security Blue and Keystone Blue.

Emergency and Non-emergency ambulance service is subject to availability, staffing, scheduling, equipment, and other EMS system constraints.  24-hour notice and prior physician authorization may be required for non-emergency ambulance service.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscribers are responsible for payment of any and all charges for services rendered in good faith by North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue but are later determined to be not medically necessary.

Subscribers, as well as Non-Subscribers, are required to forward, immediately upon receipt, payment from any third party insurance carrier or program for services provided under the terms and conditions of the subscription program.  Subscribers who fail to forward payments received from other sources further agree to be responsible for any and all legal or collection fees incurred by the ambulance service in order to recover any and all reimbursement received by the subscriber related to the provision of subscription-related services including all related costs, fees, and interest.

A valid subscription provides protection against any out of pocket expenses to persons who accept the terms and conditions outlined in the subscription agreement. 

Common Questions Regarding Your Subscription

What is Third Party Billing?

Third Party billing occurs when North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue bills your insurance carrier for services rendered.

I am a member why did I receive a bill?

You may receive a bill if your transportation by ambulance was not deemed medically necessary by your insurance carrier.

I was taken by another ambulance service, why was I sent a bill?

Subscription reciprocity is recognized by some local ambulance services.  If you are a subscriber and receive a bill from an ambulance service other than North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue, call us immediately.  We will be able to tell you if that ambulance service will recognize your North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue Subscription.  If they do, we will be happy to call them and cancel your bill.

I need transportation to the Doctor's Office by ambulance.  Is it covered?

According to most insurance companies, transportation by ambulance to a doctor's office for any reason is not medically necessary.  Therefore, it is not typically a covered charge.

Why does North Huntingdon EMS/Rescue solicit donations when you bill insurance companies for your service?

In the past, commercial insurance companies such as Health America, Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as Auto Insurance Policies, paid claims in full.  Medicaid paid $60.00 per claim, whatever the cost and Medicare paid approximately 37% of a claim.  Today we no longer get paid in full from auto insurance.  Instead, they pay 110% of Medicare's 37% and most all other commercial insurances have followed suit.  Many residents today do not have any insurance.  As you can imagine, trying to predict how much income will be generated not knowing who you will be treating and what type of insurance they carry, if any, is almost impossible.  Your donations are vital to our existence.  Without them, we would not be able to provide our residents and visitors to our community with state of the art emergency medical care.

Subscription Costs

Family - $70.00

Individual - $50.00

Senior Citizen Household - $45.00

Business - $160.00

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